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Here are few ways you can benefit from our services

  • Increase relevant traffic to your website
  • Increase ROI – more conversions at lower cost
  • Generate brand awareness and improve brand recognition
  • Outperform your competition
  • Retain existing customers
  • Generate profit growth

5 Advantages of PPC Marketing:​

  • You pay nothing until potential customers click on your add
  • You control the budget
  • You advertise only to your target audience, at the right time and with the most effective ad
  • Unlike organic search, PPC ads target your audience and quickly yield results
  • PPC data can help enhance the performance of your other marketing channels



Why Choose Us?

  • We offer a full suite of marketing services and tailor an optimal mix of channels that complement one another to generate success for your business.
  • You get the results you seek — we maximize and focus the efficiency of your online marketing to suit your specific goals.
  • You receive value at an affordable cost. Our management fees are extremely reasonable, with no minimum time commitment, and no constraints on your account structure.
  • We provide full transparency of all account activity. We work together with our clients and develop strong relationships with them.
  • We are a Google Partner and all of our account managers are certified by Google.



About SEM Booster


SEM Booster offers a range of online marketing services driven to deliver results and increase ROI. We provide certified and professional services for our clients, with whom we have developed long-term, successful relationships and who clearly see the value we deliver.

We work with a wide range of clients, both large and small, and have expertise in a wide range of markets in which we consistently achieve profitable results for our clients.


Ella Politis founded SEM Booster in 2013 with the goal of generating online marketing campaigns that deliver results. Before SEM Booster Ella was part of top organizations, such as Goldman Sachs and 888Holdings, and held senior analytical and technical positions. Ella received an MBA with honors from the Hebrew University, specializing in marketing.



Some of Our Clients



Features And Benefits


Here at SEM Booster, we are an Adwords qualified company and experts in delivering high performance pay per click (PPC) campaigns that guarantee you a real return on your advertising investment.

For companies already running Adwords campaigns, we offer the following features:

A FREE consultation and full account audit
Professional campaign restructures where needed
Affordable monthly PPC management fees
Detailed monthly Reporting
Unlimited phone and email support

We have the skills to take existing accounts to the next level.

We are experts in optimizing and improving existing campaigns and our goal is always to provide the maximum conversions, at the best possible price.

We will also carry out complete account and campaign Audits 100% free of charge which will include an in depth review, followed by detailed recommendations on your PPC campaigns.

For businesses who are new to Adwords we are also offering:

Affordable set up fees
Detailed reporting
FREE unlimited telephone and email support,
FREE £120 Adwords voucher with your first deposit to get the ball rolling.