I’m still surprised every time I hear that a colleague’s Facebook ad account has been hacked through his personal Facebook account, allowing the hackers to happily go off and use the credit card on the ad account to pay for their own advertising. Many of the marketers who get hacked have neglected to include 2-Factor […]

Visual marketing is all about using unique and relevant images to pull customers in. There is no denying about the power that images have on getting traffic and engagement and therefore investing in visual marketing strategy is essential for any business. On the visual side of things, stock images are abundant in today’s digital landscape. […]

Google is becoming more and more involved in our ad accounts. In the past we’ve seen dramatic examples of this with UAC campaigns (Universal App Campaigns). In the good old days of Mobile App Installs campaigns, advertisers used to have some control over their campaigns. Nowadays, Google prefers to leave most of the decision making […]

All advertisers are equal in that we DO NOT welcome en masse rubbish traffic that spend loads and profit s nothing generated by our Google ads account. Although some mobile apps might bring you excellent traffic, the vast majority of mobile apps generate low quality traffic, zero intent, and zero conversions.Has your child ever played […]

Dynamic Keyword Insertion is a great technique to boost click-through rates. Advertisers love it. A high CTR results in a high quality score, which in turn leads to a better ad position and a lower cost-per-click. Some argue that DKI is not required when you create tightly themed ad groups with only a small number […]

You are probably familiar with the concept of ‘low search volume’ keywords. Often when adding new keywords found during keyword research or when adding new keywords found in the SQR (search query report) they end up flagged as ‘low search volume’. You might have asked yourself what that means and what should you do about […]

If you have been running Adwords or Bing ads for SMBs for a while, I bet at least one of your clients has asked, “Why should we be spending money on ads bidding on our own brand terms when our site already comes up first in the organic search results?” If you had a hard […]

An interesting summary of how Google makes money from mobile by WordStream: Find out how Google’s mobile solutions could work for your business.

With remarketing for display, you can display your adverts to people who have already visited your site. Please note that remarketing for search is a separate topic, which I will cover in another post. However, a lot of what is said here also applies to remarketing for search. A lot has been written about the […]

Is email marketing still effective or is it time to start looking for a better alternative? I don’t care to enter into that lively debate, but a good way to complement your email marketing efforts is by using Facebook custom audiences. Anyone who has their customers’ contact data (and their consent to use it to […]