How to Target Your Customers via Facebook

Is email marketing still effective or is it time to start looking for a better alternative?

I don’t care to enter into that lively debate, but a good way to complement your email marketing efforts is by using Facebook custom audiences.

Anyone who has their customers’ contact data (and their consent to use it to contact them) should strongly consider creating a Facebook custom audience.

What is a Facebook custom audience?

It is a list generated by matching email addresses, phone numbers, or Facebook IDs to Facebook profiles. You can then target this audience when creating your Facebook ads.

If, for example, you run an offline store and you have the email addresses of your customers (e.g., from shoppers in your store to whom you delivered goods) you can run Facebook ads that encourage those customers to make return visits to your offline store.

Any business – online and offline – can take advantage of this powerful feature.

What makes it so powerful? – These people are already your customers and so more likely to shop with you again. It is therefore far more cost effective to market to this group.

How to create a custom audience list

Currently you can only create custom audience lists through Power Editor. You need to give a name to the list and then upload a file containing all the emails, phones, or Facebook IDs (one per line). Facebook then tries to match this data to Facebook profiles, a process that can take up to an hour.


Once the custom audience list has been generated, you can use it by either including users on the list in your targeting or excluding them.

Don’t expect the length of the custom audience list to be the same as the length of the list of your customers’ data. Many people don’t give you the same email address or phone number they use on Facebook and so won’t match any Facebook profile. I’ve experienced a 30%-50% success rate with this type of matching.

So now that you are aware of this extremely powerful feature, go ahead and start using it. You will see great results!

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