How to Opt-Out of Google’s Auto Ad Suggestions

Google is becoming more and more involved in our ad accounts. In the past we’ve seen dramatic examples of this with UAC campaigns (Universal App Campaigns). In the good old days of Mobile App Installs campaigns, advertisers used to have some control over their campaigns. Nowadays, Google prefers to leave most of the decision making to their algorithms. A few months ago Google came out with another aggressive feature – Automatic Ad Suggestion. This feature suggests machine-created ads to an advertiser, and if that advertiser fails to actively opt-out of those ads, they automatically begin running (at the advertiser’s expense obviously) 14 days after the suggestion was made.

The Auto Ad Suggestion feature is not supported in every language. You can find the full list of supported languages and read more about this feature here. This feature is also not activated in industries with special policies and laws, such as healthcare, finance and such.

If you manage your own ad account, you can filter Google’s ad suggestions under the Ads & Extension tab. The filter is called: Auto-applied ad suggestion. There you can review Google’s suggestions, evaluate each ad’s performance, and decide whether or not to pause them.

Although these ad suggestions do have the potential to significantly boost your CTR (click-through rate), increase your CVR (conversion rate), and lower your CPA (cost-per-acquisition), many advertisers, myself included, do not like to have control taken away from them.

By default the Auto Ad Suggestion feature is active for every advertising account, but I turn it off for all the accounts that I manage.

How Can You Turn Off Auto Ad Suggestion?
Go to your account’s Settings page, expand the “Ad suggestions” section, select “Don’t automatically apply ad suggestions,” and save.

For an MCC managing multiple accounts, you can opt-out of this feature for several accounts at once by selecting the “Management” tab within your MCC. Below is a video that explains how to do so. Click the full screen icon at the bottom right for better visibility.

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