Remarketing – a Powerful Marketing Tool

With remarketing you can display your ads to people who have already visited your site. We define segments of your website’s audience, according to which page, product, or service they viewed. We then use a relevant and enticing message to target those visitors who haven’t yet converted to become your customers.

With remarketing we create various remarketing lists by including and/or excluding people who visited certain pages on your site (such as your ‘thank you’ page) . We then display a message, tailored to the users on each list, based on which aspect of your offering they have shown interest in and which phase of the buying cycle they are in.

Remarketing enables you to target a highly qualified audience and, combined with a PPC model, provides you with a powerful way to increase visitor value and generate brand awareness at a very low cost.

Remarketing Triggers Brand Recollection

Another powerful aspect of remarketing is the fact that your ad is repetitively seen by users. Therefore, it begins to trigger brand recollection, meaning that your brand stops being a vague memory and becomes something users are consciously aware of. This phenomena increases the likelihood of visitors becoming your customers.

Remarketing Is Highly Cost Effective

Remarketing enables you to expose your brand to hundreds of thousands of people, at a very low cost. The highly qualified traffic you reach through remarketing, combined with its low price, is likely to increase your ROI. Where else can you specifically target only people who have already showed interest in your brand?

Remarketing Service

As part of our remarketing service we define finely tuned audiences of your website visitors and display to them a tailored message. This message includes a strong call-to-action that is relevant to each audience and that is derived from where they’ve been on your site.

After building your target audiences and targeting them individually, we optimise your campaign spending to make sure your budget is spent on the best performing segments of that audience.


Here is a Video Introduction to Google Remarketing