Display Advertising


Display advertising allows your ads to be displayed on a huge number of websites using contextual and demographic targeting methods.

Get the Best Out of Google Display Network

SEM Booster offers display advertising campaign management services, based on the Google Display Network (GDN).
The GDN is a large network of web sites that have partnered with Google and contributed their ad inventory for the display of text and display ads by Google advertisers. The GDN currently reaches over 80% of global web users and serves more than six billion ad impressions per day to targeted audiences across hundreds of thousands of partner web sites.

With GDN you can display your ads to this tremendous number of users in a variety of engaging formats.

Targeting Technologies

The GDN makes it easy for advertisers to target the right audience at the most relevant moment. There are many targeting technologies, such as contextual targeting, placement targeting, behavioral targeting, and geographic targeting. These different technologies can be combined to yield the most effective results.

Contextual Targeting

Contextually targeted advertising on the GDN is based on keywords. Ads appear on designated web pages, based on the keywords associated with the ads and the content of the pages.

Placement Targeting

Placement targeting enables you to place ads on specific desktop web sites and mobile web sites, both within a specific section of a site or on specific pages.

Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral targeting allows you to target potential customers and display to them ads based on their interests or on web sites and mobile apps they have visited before.

Geographic Targeting

Geographic targeting allows you to target consumers by geographic locations, including country, state, DMA (Demographic Metropolitan Area), city, and custom area.

Ad Formats

The GDN supports text, image, rich media and video ads. Using different ad formats you catch the interest of prospects in different ways.

Standard text and image ads can also be placed on mobile web sites and iPhone or Android Web apps. Click-to-call phone numbers, which allow customers to call a business directly by clicking on an ad on their phone, can be placed in those ads.

Pricing Model

There are two pricing models – CPC and CPM – and you can choose to switch from one to the other at any time, at no extra cost.

Cost per Click (CPC)

With CPC advertisers specify the price they are willing to pay per click of an ad. This is the recommended pricing model for performance-driven campaigns at the Display Network since the auction rewards high CTR ( click-through rates) ads by discounting the price advertisers pay per click.

Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM)

CPM pricing means advertisers bid the price they are willing to pay for one thousand impressions of an ad. This is the recommended pricing model for brand awareness campaigns.

Google Display Network Campaign Management Service

SEM Booster offers display advertising campaign management services for the Google Display Network (GDN). This includes campaign set-up, keyword research, bid management, and ROI monitoring with conversions tracking and campaign optimization.

At SEM Booster, our aim is to shape display targeting to maximize conversion rates and optimize performance by using accurate and robust modeling. Through the use of performance data we tailor our campaigns to ensure that we are targeting the most appropriate audience to cause them to engage or re-engage with a brand.