PPC Management

PPC Management

SEM Booster offers elite Pay Per Click (PPC) management services, delivered with full transparency and designed to generate high ROI.

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click is a form of online advertising for which you, the advertiser, pay only when someone clicks on your ad. Your PPC advert appears on the search engine results page (SERP) whenever a user searches for a keyword that is set to trigger your ad.


Optimal keywords, with a high conversion rate and low cost per conversion, generate high ROI. The optimization and fine-tuning of your campaign further improves your ROI and takes it to the next levels.

When choosing keywords for a campaign we take into consideration our client’s goals and budget while also performing an in-depth analysis of their competitors. This enables us to select the right keywords and meet the client targets.

Any PPC campaign contains a large number of keywords – generic and long tail – for which we take advantage of match type and thus achieve the best results for a particular mix of keywords.


We write relevant and highly optimized adverts that drive qualified traffic to our client’s website. We split-test these adverts, optimizing and improving the ad copy on a continuous basis. We also use Keyword Insertion technique in order to dynamically insert the keyword that triggered the ad in the ad copy. A user who sees his search term in the ad copy is more likely click on the ad, resulting in an higher Click Through Rate (CTR), higher Quality Score (QS), lower Cost-per-Click (CPC) and as a result a lower Cost-per-Convertion.


We use various techniques for targeting, in order to ensure that your adverts appear at the right place and time. This includes targeting specific hours during the day, location targeting, language targeting, and targeting by device.

The Benefits of PPC Marketing

Measurable Results

All the campaigns we run are accompanied by tracking system reporting to analytics. This means we know exactly how many impressions, clicks, conversions, as well as how much revenue we generated. We present these reports to our clients on a weekly or monthly basis.


We provide full transparency and flexibility for all of our PPC campaigns. This means you have full access to your account and you, the advertiser, are the owner of your account, should you wish to transfer your PPC management internally or to any other provider.


We know that every client is different and so work with each one to tailor a contract that fulfills their specific requirements.

We do not normally require a minimum time commitment. We do, however, strongly recommend contracts of at least a 2 months, which is the time necessary for optimization to kick in and its value to become evident.

Why SEM Booster?

Certified Experts

Our PPC campaigns are managed by Google certified experts in Google Ads and Google Analytics.

Different Channels

Our online marketers are experienced with various search engine marketing platforms. This means that your campaign takes advantage not only of Google, but also of other paid search channels, such as Bing and also social paid channels.


We focus on achieving for you the results that matter, such as traffic, conversions, and most importantly, profits. We manage and optimize our campaigns in a metrics-driven and strategic approach, in order to generate the best results.