Tracking & Reporting


The expertise of SEM Booster is the management of digital marketing campaigns and use of intelligent analysis to improve the performance of our clients’ websites and effectiveness of their marketing efforts. SEM Booster uses Google Analytics metrics and reports, which enable us to constantly optimize your online marketing campaigns and increase your profits. We offer a wide range of services, from installing the tracking code to advanced setup as well as from running reports to creating conversion optimization strategies.

Google Analytics Consultancy Services:

Account setup

We assist you with Analytics account setup. We have extensive experience with this process and can assist with everything, from basic setup to advanced ecommerce setup or event tracking.

Tracking advertising channels

We help you use Google Analytics reports to correctly track, analyze, and monitor data, so that you know exactly which ads, keywords, and marketing channels are bringing you sales and which are not.

We also provide you with a tracking URL tool, enabling you to easily generate tracking codes and use them with other marketing channels, such as email marketing, so that that data from these other channels is recorded in your Analytics reports and you can monitor their performance.

More conversions

We provide insights from your Analytics account regarding strategies you can use to increase your website conversion rate.

Increase traffic

We provide you with insights from your Analytics account regarding additional opportunities you could be using to increase traffic.

Intelligent decisions

Our Google Analytics consultant helps analyze and interpret your Analytics data in an easy-to-use format, enabling you to make intelligent & profitable decisions.

Google Tag Manager Implementation

A tag is a piece of code (usually Javascript) used to track the performance of your website or of a marketing campaign that is driving traffic to it. Tags are used by Google Analytics, Google Ads, and many other platforms.

A tag management solution replaces all of your tags with a single tag to be implemented on your web pages. You then manage the individual tags included in that single tag from a simple-to-use, intuitive interface.

Having a tag management solution makes adding and changing tags in the future much cheaper and quicker. The changes can be made from an external interface, so there is no need for IT involvement.

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a FREE marketing tag management solution that brings with it the speed and ease of tag management, without the cost and complexity associated with other solutions.

We can help setup Google Tag Manager on your site.

Here is an introduction to Google Tag Manager: