Bye Bye Sneaky Mobile Apps Traffic (Google Ads)

All advertisers are equal in that we DO NOT welcome en masse rubbish traffic that spend loads and profit s nothing generated by our Google ads account. Although some mobile apps might bring you excellent traffic, the vast majority of mobile apps generate low quality traffic, zero intent, and zero conversions.

Has your child ever played with your phone, endlessly clicking on ads? How often do you accidentally click an ad while using an app? It happens to me all the time while multi-tasking.

Google, however, is making every effort to get us to spend our precious marketing budget on mobile apps. There was a time when you could simply add ‘’ to your placement exclusion list and then exclude some site categories – such as In-game and GMob mobile app non-interstitial — and you were done. But those days are gone and mobile apps traffic is now sneaking into your account.

So what do we do now?
You can still exclude the whole category of mobile apps which will get rid of most of mobile app traffic.

Here’s the slow way:
On your Google Ads account, go to app category exclusions under Placements->EXCLUSIONS and manually go through the list and select each one for exclusion, one by one (141 categories! Waaaaah!) Yep, it’s tedious, but it works…

But there’s a better way of doing it:
Open your Google Ads Editor and select the relevant campaign. Then on the left-side navigation menu, select Mobile app categories, negative, and click ADD NEGATIVE MOBILE APP CATEGORY. Select All, click OK, post changes, and you’re done! How easy is that? Below is a video that explains how to do it. Click the full screen icon at the bottom right for better visibility.

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