New Arrival: Communication Extension

You’ve probably seen them around from time to time. They appear in the paid search section of the Google search results and like most people you probably didn’t even know what they are called.  As  you can see from the sample below, these ads have a field for user entry:


This is the new (in Beta) Adwords Communication Extension. It allows advertisers to collect user information directly from the ad without actually sending the user to a landing page.

There are few options for communication extensions:

  • Request a Call – A user can enter his phone number for the advertiser to call him back.
  • Request an Email – A user can request a contact email from the advertiser.
  • Sign Up For a Newsletter – A user can sign up to receive an advertiser’s newsletter directly from the ad.

Businesses that are running an active email campaign that features new products, promotions, and so forth can benefit greatly from using a communication extension ad. When an advertiser can communicate directly with potential clients, without having to first direct those clients to his landing page, conversion rates for his business should improve.

How can you use Communication Extension?

This new feature is still in the beta testing phase, but if you are interested in using the beta version you can request access to it from Google.

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