The Power of Remarketing Through Google Analytics

With remarketing for display, you can display your adverts to people who have already visited your site. Please note that remarketing for search is a separate topic, which I will cover in another post. However, a lot of what is said here also applies to remarketing for search.

A lot has been written about the power and effectiveness of remarketing. What can compete with advertising aimed at people who have already shown an interest in your product or services? That said, not all ‘interested people’ are created equal. You must create your remarketing lists wisely, in order to take full advantage of the potential of this type of remarketing. This is also where your creativity can play an important role!

Here are some great examples of clever remarketing:

Shopping cart abandoners

Say you have an eCommerce site and you want to remarket to people who added items to their shopping cart but did not yet complete a purchase. To these people you can display ads that encourage them to continue to check-out, by offering them a discount or free delivery.

Combined with more creative segmentation you can make your ad display even smarter. For example, you can differentiate between shopping cart abandoners who also viewed the delivery prices page and those who also viewed the return policy page. To the first group you display ads offering free delivery. To the second group you show an ad that emphasizes your extended return period policy.

Creating Customer Loyalty

If you have an online shop and are interested in maintaining customer loyalty, you can create a segment of returning visitors who have completed at least one transaction and reward them by serving them an ad with a special promotion code.

Attracting More Subscribers

Perhaps you have a news site or blog and want to attract new subscribers. You can create a segment of users who haven’t yet subscribed but have spent a minimum amount of time on the site, or have viewed more than one page, or have a low bounce rate.

Remarketing by Referrals

If your business allows for multiple conversions per user and also has traffic driven to its site by affiliates, some of whom bring high-value visitors, you might want to remarket to those visitors who arrived through those specific affiliates and get them to re-convert.

Remarketing by Operating System

If you own an iPhone app and want to promote it to get as many downloads as possible, you can remarket to people who have already visited the app’s website and who have an iOS device.


These examples were just a warm up …There are endless ways to cleverly remarket. Well, at least when using Analytics.

So now I’m getting to the point – you should always remarket through Analytics. Analytics allows you to create remarketing lists that are defined by users having visited specific pages or having completed a specific conversion BUT it also allows you to remarket based on visitor segments (fourth option in Step 2, below):


Now you can segment your visitors using all the data that is available in Analytics – by dimensions & metrics or by refining your segment according to sequential steps that visitors have performed on your site:



This is where the power of remarketing through Analytics (rather than through Adwords) really comes into its own.

What do you need in order to remarket through Analytics?

You have to create a link between your Analytics and Adwords accounts and you must have admin permissions in order to create the lists in Analytics.

Once the lists of targeted audiences have been created in Analytics, you are set to begin using your Adwords account to create display campaigns that target your cleverly created audience lists.

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